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Annual Clean Up Day  4-16-2022
  Memorial Day Service  5-30-2022

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Glen View Cemetery is currently selling the right to bury on our grounds. Due to our limited space, plot holders must be residents of or have family from Clements, Ca.

  • Pricing:

  • 1 Cremation Site (4' X 4') = $300*
    1 Plot(4' X 12') = $900*
    1/4 Site (3 Plots) = $2700*
    1/2 Site (6 Plots) = $5400* 
    Family Site (12 Plots) = $10,800*

  • Plot Requirements

    • All plots must be curbed to show burial rights and for protection of land within two months of purchase. See minimum curb specification sheet. If an extension is needed you must contact the cemetery board.

    • During graveside services, only the hearse and the vehicle transporting family members and/or certified handicapped persons may drive onto the grounds. Please use the parking lot for all other vehicles.

    • Headstones or some type of permanent marker should be placed on the grave within one month of burial listing the name and date of passing of the interned.

    • Trees, shrubs or plants that are large in size at maturity cannot be planted in plots.Overgrown vegetation will be removed at the expense of the plot holder.

    • Decorations and/or vegetation may not encroach onto adjoining plots, walkways and driveways.

    • If you decide to sell your plot to another party you must notify the cemetery board for our records and so we can issue a new receipt of burial rights. You cannot sell plots for an amount higher than your purchase price

    • You must notify the cemetery for permission to bury even if you have the right to bury in a plot.This is necessary for the upkeep of our records, burial placement, etc.

    • All plots must be maintained by the plot holders, their heirs or new holders in accordance with the rules, regulations and By-Laws of the Glen View Cemetery. If such maintenance cannot be done by the holder then donations can be sent to the Glen View Cemetery on a yearly basis for the upkeep of such plots.

  • For further information please contact us:

  • Phone:209-334-2966
    FAX: 209-334-4837
    P.O. BOX 25, Clements, Ca. 95227